Why do people find Costa Rica Attractive for Retirement?

  • The weather is definitely a huge factor. If you live in Florida or Arizona you come here to want to get away from the heat. If you are from Canada or any of the northern States in the U.S. It is probably the cold that drives you here. Costa Rica’s Central Valley has one of the best climates in the world.
  • Affordable first-class health care is another reason folks come here to retire. I don’t know how many times I have seen reports on TV about people in the U.S. who cannot afford to buy their own medicines, have inadequate medical coverage or none at all. Seniors are even being forced to travel to Mexico and Canada to fill the prescriptions. Costa Rica offers inexpensive care through its public system and excellent private care through its private hospitals. The country’s doctors are well trained in their specialties and go to seminars all over the world to stay up to date. My orthopedic surgeon just spent a week at a seminar in San Francisco, California.
  • The lifestyle is another huge draw. You’d have to come here to know what I really mean. Any country whose official motto is “pura vida!” or “pure life has to be the place to live. The people seem very happy and enjoy their lives intensely with a lot less than the average person from the States or Canada. This spirit becomes contagious and you soon find yourself having a better lifestyle for a lot less money than you did back home.
  • A large expatriate community to make you feel at home. I have more friends and acquaintances than I ever has in the Sates. I am not a hermit or socialite but find myself meeting a lot of people here. Foreigners tend to gravitate towards each other when living abroad. There is a very large support system here for foreigners which makes them feel very comfortable. In addition, we have U.S. style shopping malls and TV from the States. The are more Americans living here proportionately than any other country outside of the U.S. There must be something they like about the place.
  • Something for everyone and everything for someone. There is no excuse for being bored here. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities from which to choose. One retire once told me, “My days are so jam-packed  with activities, that every day seems like a whole lifetime.”
  • Plus all of the intangibles that you will come to realize when you move here

I can see all of this on the faces of many of the people who take my monthly retirement tours. When they suddenly they realize the have found their Nirvana their faces light up and they radiate happiness. They begin to bubble  with enthusiasm and their whole demeanor changes.  I find it personally rewarding to help change people’s lives for the better.

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