Life is simpler here

Life is so much simpler here in Costa Rica.
Life is so much simpler here in Costa Rica.

A friend of mine who has lived here for a couple of years just returned from the U.S. He spent a couple of weeks in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. When  I asked him how everything went there, his reply was, “Life is so much simpler here in Costa Rica.”

About an hour or two later I started to think about what he had said and realized that he was right. I believe that the search for a simpler lifestyle is the driving force behind so many Americans who move here. They just want to take a deep breath and smell the roses after so many years in the rat race.

Costa Rica is a refreshing change and offers an exciting lifestyle for most people who make the move. It gives them the chance to start over and enter a new stage of their lives. I know dozens of people who relocate or retire here who are so happy to finally be doing what they want to with their lives.

The bottom line is “lifestyle” and that is what ultimately sells people on the country. It’s is kind of hard to explain unless you have experienced it. That is why you need to visit here and experience the country and all it has to offer to see if it is right for you.  It seems to have been the correct choice for many since Costa Rica has more American residents proportionately that any other country outside of the U.S. They can’t be wrong!

So, simplify your life. Come to Costa Rica. It may be just what the doctor ordered. Pura vida (pure life, pure living, enjoy life etc.) is the national motto and sums the lifestyle in a nutshell.

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