A whole new world, just a few minutes from yours

Tabacon resort
Tabacón hot springs near the Arenal Volcano are one of the best places for relax

Yesterday I received the September/October edition AARP magazine. In case you don’t know this publication is put out by the American Association of Retired People. It is the world’s largest circulation magazine and is filled with a lot of good articles and information. This month’s edition features Bruce Springsteen turning 60 and a long article about his career. There are also interesting articles about the best places to live in the U.S., surviving Bernie Madoff and a whole lot more.

What really caught my eye was a full-page ad sponsored by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism or ICT as it is more commonly known here. It shows a beautiful woman bathing in the Tabacón hot springs near the Arenal Volcano. The title says, “A whole new world, just a few minutes from yours.” The ad is very enticing and should attract many Baby Boomers and seniors to Costa Rica with the goal of increasing tourism.

I find it interesting that the ICT chose to place an ad in a publication that targets older Americans. Obviously they have realized that this is a good market and want to take advantage of it. I am sure that a good number of the people who see the ad and choose to visit Costa Rica, will end up retiring here. Most people think of spending their golden years in the U.S., but ads like this will steer more and more people towards Costa Rica.

There is also an article titled “The Simple Life” and features the cities of Tucson, Arizona; Greenville, South Carolina; Montpelier, Vermont ;Logan, Utah and Ames, Iowa. All of these cities seem very attractive and laid back. However, I am quite sure that Costa Rica offers amenities like affordable healthcare, year-round sunshine, tropical flavor and a whole lot more which none of these U.S. cities can match.

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