The World Cup Fever in Costa Rica

Yesterday I was I downtown San José, Costa Rica and it seemed everyone was consumed with soccer. A lot of businesses put TVs in the window so that the people on the street could follow the games. I met a friend for coffee at the Patio Restaurant at the Hotel Balmoral. The place was full of people eating lunch and watching the game. There was also a birthday party going on with a group of Mariachis entertaining playing, so the place was buzzing with activity. The Balmoral faces Avenida Central, the city’s main pedestrian mall, so it is a great place to watch people. You’ll certainly get an eye-full!

For the next month everything comes to a virtual halt when there is a World Cup soccer game. It seems that everyone’s life revolves around the sport. Many business even give their employees a flexible schedule so that they can view games. A lot of cab drivers even have small TVs in the vehicles so that they can follow the cup and radios everywhere are blaring the play-by-play.

Soccer or fútbol as I is called here is king and the king rules during the World Cup. This huge event rivals the Super Bowl or Olympics. It hard to believe that in the U.S. most people aren’t aware that the Cup is even going on. That is not the case here.

In case you don’t understand the rules of soccer or how it is played, Don’t worry! Everything is explained in a previous article I wrote on this blog. It also appears in my perennial best seller “The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica.” By the way the 16th edition will be released in a couple of months.

If you live or retire in Costa Rica sooner or later you will get bitten by the soccer bug. The important games are a good time to socialize and gather with friends to add to your list of incredible experiences in Costa Rica.

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