A good source of organic products for retirees

Cortesia feria verdeEvery Saturday from 7 am to 12 pm the Fería Verde takes place at the polideportivo (sports facility) in Barrio Aranjuez, San José. This weekly event has been held since May of 2010. It is sometimes referred to as utopía verde (green utopia) since the goal is to promote fair commerce and the sale of natural and organic products which respect the environment. The organizers of the fería point out that, “Organic produce is self-sustainable, free of chemicals and can co-exist with the environment without harming it.”

Each week at least 1,000 people shop at the fería in search of products that are more nutritious and healthier that those sold in traditional supermarkets. Some of the foods offered are: papayas, vegan pasta, watermelon, strawberries, cheeses, legumes, marmalades, bananas, tomatoes, yogurt, whole-grain bread and much more. In addition to different types of food you can also find natural insecticides and disinfectants, handicrafts, clothes and musical instruments for sale.

This multicultural event attracts ticos, people from other Spanish speaking countries that reside here, and English, French and German speakers of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens. One hundred and ten small vendors from San José, Heredia, Santa Ana, Cartago, Alajuela, Pérez Zeledón and other areas sell their products.

The prices of most of the items are higher than in a normal market but the benefit generated by this type of activity is much greater since the products provide more nutrients and energy and are much better for one’s body.

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