A new source of adventure for retirees in Costa Rica

Only four hours from San José retirees and others can find entertainment that is completely different than what they are use to. What I am talking about is the renovated theme park, Africa Safari Adventure. The park is under new management and has changed from the days when it was known as Africa Mía. It is located only five miles from downtown Liberia and is a place where one can see all of the new attractions that are surrounded by nature.


There is a guided safari tour where guests can interact with and feed some of the wildlife. The guides are experts and can give visitors detailed information about all of the species along the way. Some of the animals visitors will see are: mountain goats, peacocks, deer, ostriches, dromedaries and zebras. As their website states, “One of the biggest attractions in our African Safari is the encounter with animals from all around the world that live in the different habitats within our park. A safari tour can bring them closer to you and provide you with the chance to learn more about animals up close and take pictures.” It’s a family experience; for adults who want to learn more about nature and for children who will be amazed by animals they have only seen in cartoons.”

After completing the safari tour there are other activities you can take part in: tours to three impressive waterfalls, quadricycles, swimming in a refreshing river, practicing kayaking and more. For those who like a good adrenaline rush there is a canopy tour. You can travel through the tree tops while viewing a dry tropical forrest below that is teeming with wildlife. You will also enjoy a breathtaking view of la Perla waterfall from high above.

The cost is about $28.00 per person and includes lunch. They also offer special packages at a reduced price. The park is open from 8am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday. You can make a reservation by calling 2288-1000 or res@africasafaricostarica.com or www.africasafaricostarica.com

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