A Healthier Lifestyle for Retirees in Costa Rica

Not only is health care more affordable than in North America, but Costa Rica stands out world-wide as a healthy country. It boasts the third highest life expectancy rate in the Americas after Canada and Chile — 77.1 years for a male and 82.2 years for a woman. This is also the second highest in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Furthermore, when talking about the number of years while enjoying a good quality of life, Costa Rica is third among the 34 nations of the Americas. This information was provided by The World Health Organization or OMS.

On the Nicoya Peninsula in western Costa Rica, many people live to be 100 years old because of their healthy lifestyle. In fact, it turns out that Costa Rica has more centenarians than any country in the region.


In addition, the OMS points out that Costa Rica is the country that has made the most progress in lowering infant mortality. Cuba, Chile have lower rates but Costa Rica has narrowed the gap considerably.

This is good news for anyone thinking of retiring or moving here. One of the factors that makes for healthier lifestyle than in the U.S. or Canada is the year-round availability and abundance of affordable vegetables and fruits. All one has to do is go to any of the country’s outdoor farmer’s markets on any given weekend to see the huge variety of products at rock-bottom prices. You’ll see Costa Ricans with shopping carts stacked full of produce. The rule of thumb is , “If you see the locals shopping there, you will get a lot for your money.”

By the way, tradition of outdoor markets in Latin America dates form the Pre-colombian days when indigenous people brought their foods and wares from afar to sell at local outdoor markets.

The bottom line is that by moving to Costa Rica you can “add life to your years, and even years to you life.”

One of the highlights of my monthly relocation tours is a visit to an outdoor farmer’s market. All of my guests really enjoy this activity.


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