Floods, Wild Fires, Shootings, a Crazy Election and More

What I am describing above is what is going on in the US right now. I just spent a month with some relatives in the Seattle area and had a fabulous time— really enjoyed my annual stay. I always wonder if I could live in the US again full-time. After I compare all of the good things I have here in Costa Rica, the answer is always, no.


Just yesterday I was watching the nightly news about the terrible floods in Louisiana and the wild fires in California, near where I use to live in the San Francisco Bay area. Thank god we don’t those situations here in Costa Rica.

I also saw some of the usual campaign tactics of both the Republicans and Democrats in preparation of this year’s presidential election. I am so happy to be away from all of that. I really only have to see it if I turn on one of the U.S. Channels that I can see by satellite. One really gets tired of all of the pre-election hype and rhetoric.

There was also a story about another policeman being ambushed and killed, another black person shot by the police and the 38 percent rise in senseless gang-related killings in Chicago. Costa Rica does have some violence but not on the scale of the US. One thing we really don’t have is crazy gun-totting lunatics that open fire on innocent people almost every week in the States. We don’t have terrorism either because the army was abolished over 60 years ago and the country has NO enemies.

People must be really frustrated and unhappy in America. There was another story about a woman who murdered her own small children. Terribly sad!

My point about all of this mess is that if you are looking to relocate or retire to a country that isn’t plagued by the problems above, then Costa Rica just might be the place for you. This country seems to be an island of sanity in an insane world.

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