Another feather in Costa Rica’s cap – expats living here are the happiest in the world

According to the Expat Insider poll in its third annual rankings, Costa Rica is rated highly in terms of quality of life and ease of settling in for foreign residents, retirees included.

The country is number one in the personal happiness category of the poll’s quality of life index. Costa Rica also received a high marks for the categories of leisure options and health, well-being and quality of life.


In a another category that measures how easy it is for foreign residents to settle here, the country was second overall and in the top five in subcategories of friendliness and finding friends, feeling welcome because Costa Ricans are one of the most hospitable people in the whole world. In fact, eight of 10 expats “feel at home” in Costa Rica and nine out of 10 consider the friendliness of the ticos (nickname for Costa Ricans) is above average.

It is also a country where many initially come for a short time and end up living here after falling in love with the lifestyle.


Furthermore, the poll found Costa Rica to be number six out of 67 countries as the top expat destinations of 2016.
Costa Rica also scored high for climate and weather. Nine of 10 expats love the country’s year-round spring-like climate weather, especially in the Central Valley.

The health care and educational systems are other reasons why many settle here.

Another important factor is that the country has had no military since the late 194os and no enemies or threat of terrorism.

The study polled 14,300 foreign residents in 67 countries. Those expats who were interviewed were asked 43 questions about how they felt about living in their respective countries.

No country is perfect and Costa Rica does have a few warts. Mainly the cost of living is a concern. However, cost of living equates to the level of development and lifestyle in this case. The country is still more affordable than North America. Once an expat gets settled and learns the ropes the country can be much more inexpensive. Remember! Paradise does not come cheaply.

I have lived here 36 years and you could not drag me back to the US to live. Moving here was the best decision I ever made.

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