Costa Rica is not a place where boredom is on the agenda

If you choose to retire and/or relocate you really have no excuse for being bored since there is a wealth of activities to keep busy and happy. In fact, at times it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to participate in so many interesting things here.

For instance, in the weekly entertainment section of La Extra newspaper you will these activities for just one weekend.

* The Centro Nacional de Cultura or Cenac is offering an event to celebrate the country’s different ethnic groups. This festival will feature the best of the Costa Rica’s Afro, Italian and Spanish cultures.

* The county of Mora, west of San José, will hold its 8th International Chamber Music Festival.

* The new Terrazas shopping center in the Lindora/Belén area will host a whole slew of family oriented activities including music, games for children, drawings for prizes and more.

* Perrocross (dog cross) will take place in the town of Santa Ana, west of San José. Dogs and their owners are invited to take part in this physical activity.


* In Cartago there is the popular National Pejibaye Fair. Pejibayes are a type of exotic local fruit which visitors can savor in a variety of different dishes.

* The town of Barva, just north of the city of Heredia, will feature “La Feria de Corazón” or “Fair for your Heart”. The purpose of this event is to teach people to be more physically active so they can learn to keep their hearts healthy. There will be yoga classes, Zumba classes, folk dancing, martial arts and things to for children.

* The community of Tárcoles on the Central Pacific Coast will be the scene oft quadracycle competition.

* The National and International Film Festival will take place in San José with admission being FREE.

* The 2016 International Poetry Festival will also take place in different areas of the country.

* The Gold Festival will be held at Parque La Libertad in the suburb of Fátima de Desamparados, south of San José. This festival celebrates senior citizens and is also FREE

Above is just once source which expat retiree can use to stay active. Friday’s La Viva section of La Nación newspaper also lists events all around the country.

NOTE: Many events in Costa Rica are free to all.

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