Costa Rica or Canada for Disgruntled Americans?

Judging from the surprising results of the presidential election in the United States, many Americans are unhappy. In fact, some are so upset that they want to move abroad. Let’s look at the choices for those who wish to relocate.

After the election, the Canadian government’s website was deluged with requests for information about how to immigrate to the country. There is little doubt that Canada has a lot to offer. The people are friendly, speak English and receptive to those from the U.S. Also, the country also has socialized medicine which makes it attractive to seniors who are cost conscious. The Canadian dollar is worth less than its U.S. counterpart which can be favorable if one’s income is in U.S. dollars. Weather is another story since Canada’s winters can be very cold. Those from States with warm weather might find it difficult to adjust to Canada’s winters. I know of many Canadians who have moved to Costa Rica in search of a better climate.anada-130208_lead_media_image_1


So what is the alternative for political malcontents?
Obviously, it is Costa Rica that boasts one of the best year-round climates in the world in its Central Valley. The climate is so good here that I have neither air conditioning nor heat in my home in Heredia.

What else does the country have for those who are not exactly enamored with living under a Trump presidency?
Costa Rica has the longest enduring democracy in Latin America with no army since the late 1940s and virtually No threat of terrorism because it has NO enemies.


Most expats who live here, say that the cost of living is lower than in the U.S. Or Canada which is beneficial for those on a fixed income. Medical care, fruits and vegetables, cell phone and internet service, hired help, property taxes, public transportation, and rents and housing are affordable. Regarding medical care, Costa Rican doctors are highly trained and the country is a mecca for dental implants, joint replacement, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and other low-cost medical procedures.

Furthermore, Vonage and Magic Jack can be used to stay in touch with family and friends back home and there are private mail services that give you a P.O. Box in Miami and will deliver mail to your home in Costa Rica.

Nature lovers and outdoor’s types will be in seventh heaven since the country is a nature lover’s Disneyland. Add to this the fact that there is almost every imaginable activity to stay busy and happy for English-speaking expats: movies and plays, social clubs and activities, sports events at a low cost, concerts, museums, art galleries, huge open-air farmer’s markets, American products in grocery stores, a wide selection of restaurants, volunteer work, universities to further one’s education, cultural events in different areas of the country and so much more.

As a long-time expat stated, “There is something for everyone and everything for someone in Costa Rica.”

Indeed, Costa Rica is a user friendly country for Americans and county’s friendly people will make you feel right at home.

So when was the last time you heard something negative about Costa Rica in the world news? Almost never since the country has an impeccable international reputation and image.

“Costa Rica, close to perfection, far from normal.”

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