In Costa Rica a bottle of Coca Cola has been in jail for ten years and is now on death row

Yes, you read that right! Sounds like trivia from “Ripely’s Believe it or Not.”

Usually Coca Cola is for quenching one’s thirst and even mixed with rum to make a drink called a “Cuba Libre.” However, one bottle of Coke is doing time in a type of Costa Rica jail. In reality it is not a jail but an evidence locker the belongs to a local investigative police agency called the OIJ. The bottle has the finger prints of a suspect who took a sip out of it while committing a crime. The case is still open so the OIJ cannot provide any more details. But after ten years of investigating the case the authorities will now decide if it is time to destroy the unlucky bottle of coke, which is tantamount to its death sentence. The poor Coca Cola’s days may be numbered.

The depository where the bottle of Coke is being stored has some 44,925 articles which are key in solving a whole range of crimes. Some of the other items in the storeroom are: a case of 22 bottles of Costa Rica beer, an ice-cream vendor’s cart, a box of Cuban cigars, chain saws used to cut down trees illegally, and hundreds of machetes and knives. Every day there are between 150 and 180 pieces of evidence deposited in this facility

In addition to the items above, there are over 350,000 files filled with evidence that was used in cases of fraud, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement and other financial crimes.

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