A New Museum for Retirees to Visit

In Costa Rica there is always “something for everyone and everything for someone” including expat retirees. As a retiree in Costa Rica you don’t have any excuse for not staying busy unless you are lazy. A new National Museum of Sciences and Health (el Museo Nacional de Ciencias de la Salud) opened at the end of March in San Jose’s suburb of Tibás and should be of interested to everyone.

The museum is located in the medical school at the Universidad de Ibero-Americana, 200 meters east of the Tibás branch of ICE (Costa Rica’s electrical power company). Eventually the museum will have exhibits on four of its floors but for now will only have one room opened on the ground floor. Presently, it houses a photo exhibit that shows the founding of the country’s public hospitals: Hospital México, San Juan de Dios and San Rafael de Alajuela. The exhibit also consists of photos of Dr. Rafael Calderón Guardia and Dr. Ricardo Moreno Cañas. The latter was know as the “doctor of the poor.” And the former is considered the precursor of the country’s Social Security health care system.

The facility will also display medical instruments from past centuries such as the first stethoscopes, scales, microscopes, saws that were used for amputations and more. There will also be one section dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture and herbs used s alternatives to treat a whole range of illnesses.

The country’s newest museum will also offer educational programs for the community and primary and secondary schools. There will eventually be traveling exhibits to other provinces around the country.

Retired expats should know that the museum is opened from Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

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