A Costa Rican Amazon for Retirees

Retired expats and others can enjoy a multitude of natural wonders while living in Costa Rica. Tortuguero National Park is one area that is definitely worth visiting. In fact, tour guides who live in the areas consider it to be the country’s version of the Amazon because of its topography, flora and fauna.

The park is located in Limón Province in the northeastern part of the country within the Tortuguero Conservation Area. Despite its remote location, it is the third-most visited park in Costa Rica, only can be reached by small airplane or boat.

The abundant rainfall (up to 250 inches a year), and rich environment where the freshwater meets the sea, makes the beaches, canals, lagoons and wetlands of Tortuguero areas of exceptional biodiversity and ideal for nature lovers. It has eleven different habitats, including rainforest, mangrove forests, swamps, swamps, beaches and lagoons.

Boat trip into the canals of Tortuguero

Because of the Tortuguero’s extensive network of freshwater creeks and lagoons, the best way to explore it is by boat. The National Park has over 20 miles of coastline, which provides sea turtles a protected place to lay their eggs. One of the most popular guided tours can be done at night where visitors can see the turtles lay their eggs. Unlike other areas of Costa Rica the turtles here deposit their eggs during most of the year.

The park’s wild life consists of birds, mammals, reptiles, manatees or sea cows, 30 species of fresh water fish, lakes and rivers. The national park ecosystem also has more than 400 species of trees and about 2,200 species of other plants.

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  1. hola I live in playa del coco , 10 years. have wanted to see tortugero. could you recommend how, hotels, boats and where to start. thanks!

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