Exciting new plans for San José’s downtown markets and Old post office

Like many European-style markets where visitors go to shop and take home a piece of the country, there is a new project that promises to transform three downtown icons into the epicenter of tourism and culture. The Borbón Market, Central Market and Coca-Cola bus terminal all will be refurbished as part of a new project called, “Strengthening Territorial Urban Public Management” or in Spanish Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Público Urbano Territorial.

The initiative is part of the program Historic Center of San José or Centro Histórico de San José, that the municipality put into motion in 2013 with the purpose of reviving the surrounding area between 7th and 10th Avenues and 9th and 12th Streets in downtown San José. The idea is to attract tourists, expat retirees, residents, Costa Ricans and others to the soon-to-be revitalized area.

This ambitious renewal project will involve not only a complete remodeling of the current structures , but also the surrounding areas, including streets, sidewalks, parking spaces, accesses and bus stops. The Central Market will focus on gastronomy and handmade crafts as it always has; the Borbón Market will continue to be more like a farmers market and La Coca Cola Market will remain an area with many hardware stores. The Borbón Market will be renovated first and followed by the Coca-Cola and Central Markets. All three will be spiffed up while preserving their identity and respecting their history and culture in order make sure the finished products don’t end up looking like suburban malls.

Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the old post office In related news about the downtown area

Costa Rica’s historic post office building, el Edificio de Correos y Telégrafos de Costa Rica, will get a facelift to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The building located between on Second Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues was declared part of the country’s patrimony in 1980 and is considered to be a icon of Costa Rican architecture. A philatelic museum and café will be two new editions to the interior the building. Every possible effort will be made to protect the building’s fragile Neoclassic and Baroque decorations on its exterior.

Many expat retiree and others who relocate here, almost never venture into downtown San José. They really do not know what they are missing. There is a hell of a lot to see including:The Jade and National Museums, the National and Melico Salazar theaters, the largest pedestrian mall in the country with hundreds of stores, parks, international cuisine, outdoor activities, a small China Town, the city’s traditional markets, the huge Sabana Park on the outskirts and a whole lot more.

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