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Central Valley, Central Pacific or Lake Arenal

These special retirement/relocation tours are lead by experienced professionals hand-picked by Christopher Howard. The tours are for Baby Boomer Retirees and others who have a serious interest in retirement, relocating or investing now. These intensive tours will save the time, trouble and money of having to come back again on another trip. 

NOTE: With the exception of the San Ramón tour all of these tours MUST be taken in conjunction with one of Christopher's regular tours. They may be done before or after your retirement tour depending on your schedule.


Option A

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Lake and Arenal VolcanoNorthern Costa Rica’s crown jewel is the 48-square-mile, man-made Lake Arenal is northwest of San Carlos.  It is sursounded by rolling hills covered with pastures and patches of tropical forest. The very active Arenal Volcano can often be seen  the distance.  As a recent visitor said, “Lake Arenal seems like a tropical version of Lake Tahoe with  surrounding landscape and beauty right of of Switzerland.”

Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica and the second-biggest in Central America, after  Lake Nicaragua. It was created to be a reservoir when engineers flooded a large valley. The lake was an engineering feat for Costa Rica at the time and generates 70% of the country’s electricity.

There are many enjoyable things to do around Lake Arenal. The lake and surrounding area offer excellent fishing, sailing, hiking, windsurfing, mountain biking, bird-watching and other outdoor activities. With all the area has to offer, it is not surprising that this part of Costa Rica is rapidly becoming popular with foreign residents.

Tour 1

This tour is given in conjunction with 123 Costa Rica Travel to familiarize you with the area. You tell us what you want to see and they will design the tour for you. The tour includes transportation, lodging and activities. The cost depends on what you want to see and do. We will connect you with 123 Costa Rica Travel and they will give you a quote.

Tour 2

This special private tour will also save you the time, trouble and money of having to come back again on another trip to look for property.

Land around Lake Arenal is readily available and offer panoramic views which have to be seen to be believed.

This tour option is given by Christopher Howard or an experienced professional carefully selected by him. It includes the expert’s services and two-nights lodging. It is specifically designed to match your personal lifestyle and budget objectives, this can be done before of after Christopher's retirement tour.

* Complimentary lodging and transportation provided if property is purchased. If property is NOT purchased a $500 per day fee will be charged for the realtor’s time, work and added expenses. Lunch is included. We will be happy to connect you with them.


Option B

Central Valley and/or Central Pacific ADD ON tour Sign Up NOW

Inquire about the Central Valley or Central Pacific ADD ON tour

San Jose, Central ValleyThese two tours are for those who have a serious interest now in relocating and/or investing. If you feel you want to see some properties on this trip that match up specifically with your personal lifestyle, personal and budget objectives, this tour can be added during or before you arrive. The tour will save the time, trouble and money of having to come back again on another trip.*Conditions apply

This tour is lead by an experienced professional carefully selected by Christopher Howard. It includes the expert’s services and two-nights complimentary lodging.

The Central Valley is the center of Costa Rica due to its geographical location, culture and economic activities. The Central Valley is also one of the most popular places for foreigners to live because of its lovely, eternal-spring-like climate and many other factors. But the region also offers the best access to services and infrastructure in the country by far, including top-notch hospitals, an international airport, plenty of shopping, internet and cable connections, and public transportation. In addition to (or, more likely, because of the preceding, the Central Valley is also the country’s business center. The area offers a wide variety of housing and living options for every lifestyle.

The Central Pacific is one of Costa Rica’s jewels. It extends from Puntarenas in the north to the Barú River in the south. The closest and most accessible beaches to San José are found in this area. The beaches are sunny year-round, the weather is hot and the ocean warm. Whether you want to retire or just live in a tropical paradise, the Central Pacific Coast has something for you. Some of the outdoor activities the area offers are: golfing, sport fishing, yachting, canopy tours, river rafting, parasailing, hang gliding, mountain biking, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, bird watching and a lot more. There are even places to study Spanish and practice yoga in this part of Costa Rica.

* The cost is approximately $500 a day plus lodging. Lunch is included.

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Our familiarization tours have won hard-earned credentials that prove general excellence and the right focus. These are the only retirement tours that are:

* Licensed and approved by the Costa Rican government and Tourism Institute (ICT).
* Featured on the NBC Today Show, CNBC World Business News and Fox News.
* In 2010, we won the prestigious Latin America-Asia Travel Excellence Award for the Most Unique Tour in Latin America.
* All tours are led personally by Christopher Howard, the author of 17 editions of the #1 perennial bestseller "New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica — the official guide to relocation." Christopher has lived in Costa Rica for34 years and is Costa Rican citizen. Absolutely nobody has his proven expertise, connections or time-tested credibility.

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