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  • Combination Tour

    The most complete and popular Retirement Tour in Costa Rica. On this tour future retirees will see just what they need to be able to decide on which is the best lifestyle for them – the beach or Central Valley. The extra time on this tour provides a perfect mix of sightseeing, interesting activities, seeing…

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  • Central Valley Tour

    Costa Rica’s #1 Retirement Tour and best choice for those who want to live in the Central Valley. This tour thoroughly educates future retirees and Boomers about all of San Jose’s suburbs such as Escazu, Cariari, Santa Ana, Alajuela and Heredia and the outlying areas that include Grecia, Atenas and

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  • Consultation/Custom Tour

    These time-tested private retirement/relocation tours are given by Christopher Howard, and are designed for retirees, Boomers, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples or small groups who have special needs or who cannot take our fixed-date  tours...

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The first logical choice for making the move successfully! More on-the-ground experience (tours led by a 38-year resident and citizen of Costa Rica), personal hands-on attention, unbiased insider information and connections in order to meet the specific needs of full or part-time expats, retirees, Boomers, snowbirds, those on limited social security, those seeking affordable health care options, entrepreneurs, Internet nomads, millennials and those worried about America’s unstable future.

Experience what it is really like to live and/or retire in Costa Rica on these informative and time-tested (18 years) tours for people of all ages. All tours include a two-day seminar by the country’s most renowned experts in their respective fields. These are the only licensed relocation/retirement tours approved by the Costa Rican government's Tourism Institute (ICT). Come test-drive Costa Rica on these award-winning tours to see if relocating here will work for you. Find out first-hand why Costa Rica has more residents from North America per capita than another country outside of the U.S. They can't be wrong! It would be impossible to do a tour like this on your own!

The FIRST step to discover a new, exciting and adventure-filled life!
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Why is Costa Rica Essential?

What Costa Rica offers retirees

Living & Working in Costa Rica

By Jay Trettien

“I never had more money or had more fun than when I lived in Costa Rica,” was my response when a fellow bartender friend from southern California suggested we open a bar in Baja California.

“If you’re heading South of the Border, you may as well go to Costa Rica, where the weather is nicer and the people more friendly,” I said.

I was first invited to Costa Rica in 1973 by a college friend who worked for the Bank of America. Through the bank he had met an American who needed help with a bar he had just bought. My friend suggested that maybe I would come to Costa Rica to help out. A late-night phone call, and two weeks later I arrived from New York. After a few weeks of working together, the bar owner and I had developed trust and a friendship and, on the strength of a handshake, I became a partner in what was to become Central America’s most popular “Gringo” rock and roll bar, Ye Pub. Gringos and ticos loved the place. After living in Costa Rica for a while , I was granted a cédula, or Costa Rican “green card.”

But the time came to sell. Costa Rica had been enjoying a spectacular boom but with small countries as fast as it goes up, it can go down. After three years we sold.

With a girlfriend that was driving me nuts it was easy to leave Costa Rica. I visited every country in South America. I had already seen almost all of Europe, most of the United States and Canada. So, I ended up in Australia and New Zealand for about four years, finally washing up on the shores of southern California.

I began thinking about Costa Rica again and made a brief visit about 12 years ago to be pleasantly surprised that I still had friends in the country. I returned to California, loaded up the old Pontiac and ended up back in Costa Rica.

A lucky coincidence got me my cédula back when the Costa Rican government declared an amnesty for all foreigners, trying to get a grip on all the illegal Nicaraguans in the country.

Now I’m working at a popular San José hotel bar. I think I have about $150 under my mattress, but I have a good time and a lot of fun.

When guests ask me how long I’ve been in Costa Rica, I say, “ I don’t remember...10-12 years.” And that’s the truth, I don’t really remember.

Guest, “Do you like Costa Rica?” “NO! I’m here on the United States Witness Protection Program, but they could only find this low-profile job for me!”

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