Can Singles Retire Happily in Costa Rica and not be Lonely?

Yes, singles can find happiness here. Why? Because there is so much to do. As one long-time single resident once told me, “In Costa Rica there is something for everyone and everything for someone.”

You can see that singles can find almost anything they want in Cost Rica to stay happy during their retirement years.

There is a wealth of both indoor and outdoor activities to stay busy and happy. Just pick up a copy of the Tico Times and check out their weekend calendar  section and you’ll find hundreds activities, movies and clubs from which to choose.

You won’t be lonely here unless you choose to be. You can meet people easily through any of the activities I just described. On top of that, foreigners tend to gravita.te  towards each other when they live abroad. Believe me you’ll have no trouble meeting people with common interests here. I have more friends and acquaintances in Costa Rica than I ever had in the U.S. Everywhere I go I seem to run into someone I know.

If you are looking for someone for romance, Costa Rica might just be the right place for you.  Ladies will find gentleman admirers if they so desire.  Due to machismo, Costa Rican men are more flirtatious and aggressive than North American men.  Most Costa Rican men think foreign women have looser morals and are easier conquests than ticas (Costa Rican women).  Be careful to take time to develop a long-term, meaningful relationship and do not rush things. Many single middle-aged women have a tough time finding a mate because they cannot compete with the young curvaceous ticas. As one expat woman put it,  ”We just happen to live in a country of traffic-stopping gorgeous women.” However, I do know numerous American women who have formed successful relationships with other Americans or Costa Rican partners.

Men of any age will have no problem meeting Costa Rican women.  The women in Costa Rica seem to like older, more experienced men. It is not unusual to see a wife who is 10 to 20 years younger than her spouse.  This practice may be frowned on in some countries but is accepted in Costa Rica.  Many retirees we know claim to feel rejuvenated and to have a new lease on life after becoming involved with younger women.  Costa Rican women have an unparalleled reputation as being the most beautiful and accessible women in Latin America, including Brazil. The ladies of Costa Rica are more warm-hearted and devoted than their North American counterparts.  They consider you a joy.  One retiree we know boasts,  “The women here really know how to treat you like a king!” A man doesn’t even have to be rich to meet women; a $1,500 to $2,000 Social Security check translates to a millionaire’s pay in Costa Rica.

Here is what one expatriate’s Costa Rican wife said about her relationship with an older American man.  “Most of the time when a young woman marries an older man, people think she’s doing it for the money. I like older men. They are experienced; they’ve had a lot of fun in the past, so they start to think, ‘I want to stay now with someone for the rest of my life.’ Plus they have their life set up, so they have time to spend with their woman. With Costa Rican men close to her age, she says, their behavior changes after marriage. With Costa Rican men, you are a princess, but when you get married the whole thing changes: “You are going to have my children. I’m working, so you should make my dinner, wash my clothes.” The women get submissive and the Costa Rican men get possessive.

So, you can see that singles can find almost anything they want in Cost Rica to stay happy during their retirement years. In fact, they can have a new exciting lifestyle here that they could never find in the States or Canada.

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