Buying by Internet can save you time and money while live as a retiree in Costa Rica

You can open an account with one of the private mail services in order to be able to purchase items form the States.

If you choose to retire in Costa Rica you can’t hop on a plane every time you need something from the States. Everyday more and more items from the U.S. are available in Costa Rica. Nevertheless there are many things you still cannot get here. What many foreigners and Costa Ricans are doing is opening an account with one of the private mail services in order to be able to purchase items form the States.

Really the process is very easy. All you have to do is go to the offices of one of the private mail companies like Aerocasillas and open an account. What they give you is a P.O. Box in Miami where all of the merchandise you order can be sent to. This method of shopping on-line stores really has caught on and grown so much that Aerocasillas has over 130,000 clients who use their services.

Business really picks up around Christmas time, especially among Costa Ricans. They purchase hard-to-get gifts on line and have them shipped to Costa Rica. I recently went to one of their offices to pick up my mail and the placed was packed with Costa Ricans picking up the merchandise.

If you retire here you can get almost you need by using this service. You won’t have to use your hard earned retirement money to travel to the States to go shopping. I have personally used Aerocasillas for over 10 years and am 100% satisfied. Before this service existed I would  to the States a couple of times a year to visit relatives. While there I would try and stock up on everything I couldn’t get in Costa Rica. I even brought a couple of televisions with me on different trips. This not the case anymore. I have seen people order large flat-screen televisions and have them brought in by one of the private mail companies. I even saw one person pick up a couple of large bumpers for his car. Small items like books from Amazon and DVDs are some of the ore popular items people purchase on line and have shipped here.

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