Costa Rica’s Soccer Spirit is Infectious

Tonight Costa Rica plays soccer against Mexico in Costa Rica. The game is of vital importance for the World Cup standings and Costa Rica is the underdog. Everyone here is praying for an upset. Next year’s World Cup is like the Super Bowl of soccer and happens only once every four years.

Since early this morning people here have been very excited about tonight’s match. The spirit of the game fills the air and the streets are overflowing with energy. It seems like there is a sea of red Costa Rican soccer shirts everywhere. People are also honking their horns like crazy and some are even draping Costa Rica’s red, white and blue stripped flag from their cars. Everyone is apoyando le sele or supporting the national soccer team in this important game.

The supermarkets are packed with people stocking up on beer or birra as it is affectionately called here and food . In Costa Rica soccer games like this one are an excuse to have a big party or pelón. They say the three most important things in a Costa Rican man’s life are soccer beer and women. But not necessarily in the that order. Soccer is like a religion here and the opiate of the masses in Latin America and in most of the world except for the U.S.

When the game starts tonight everything will virtually come to a standstill. I plan to se the game at the Fiesta Casino with my lovely girlfriend, Alexandra. They have four or five giant screens and the atmosphere will be lively. If you retire in Costa Rica you undoubtedly will be bitten by the soccer bug and get all wound up like the Costa Ricans over important games. Soccer is only one of the hundreds of activities you can become involved with to stay busy and happy and enjoy the excellent quality of life the country offers.

¡Pura Vida! Pure Life!

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