We keep on growing despite a slowdown in the world economy

Costa Rica continues to improve its infrastructure and move forward in the face of a world crisis by completing two major highways. A week ago, while leading my monthly relocation/retirement tour, I traveled over the new costal highway or Costanera between Dominical and Quepos. Two months ago I made the same trip but the only part that was paved was a small stretch just outside of Quepos. You should see it now! The highway is almost completely paved and except for a bridge or two should be finished by the end of the year.

In the past a trip from the Domincal area to Quepos took a couple of hours on the old unpaved road. Last week we left from Uvita which is one-half hour south of Dominical and traveled to Esterillos Oeste just south of Jacó beach. The trip lasted only an hour and forty minutes. It used to take at least three or more hours to cover the same distance.

On my retirement tour we also visited the mountain town of Atenas in the Central Valley and got a bird’s eye view of the other new highway which goes from San José to the coast. At the rate things are going this new road should be completed shortly, marking another great leap in the country’s constantly improving infrastructure and improving the quality of life here.

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