Good news for those of you who hate cockroaches

On my retirement tours and at seminars people always ask about bugs in Costa Rica.Costa Rica is a tropical country in which bugs do thrive. Fortunately most bugs are found in the lowlands. I live in the Central Valley at a higher elevation and have never really had a problem with insects. In fact, my home doesn’t have screens. I get an occasional fly or a small invasion of ants but the situation is easily controllable. Cockroaches or cucarachas, or just cucas, can become a problem if you don’t keep your house clean and take the proper measures to control them. If your home does become infested by these annoying guys there are some steps you can take to get rid of them.

About four months ago I called the fumigator (fumigadora) because I started to see more cockroaches around my home. I found a company called Fumigadora Ecólogico. What they do is use insecticides which are odorless, biodegradable, that don’t stain and above al lare safe for humans and pets. Their products can be used to combat cockroaches, fleas, termites, scorpions, rats, ants and more. The cost of their service is around $40 which is a lot cheaper than in the States. In addition, you don’t have to leave your home while they are working. Anyway they sprayed my whole house and since then I have only seen a couple of roaches. They say the process should be done every couple of months but their products continue to do the job so I haven’t schedules an appointment. You can be sure if these critters reappear in large numbers I will call the exterminator.

I just read that there is an exciting new development which may make the extermination of cockroaches more effective and safer. Scientists have discovered that by using an anti-afrodisiac produced by young cockroaches who aren’t yet ready for sex, they can virtually keep cockroaches from reproducing. What a breakthrough that would be!

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