An example of affordable dental care for retirees

This morning I visited my dentist Ana Cristina Brenes who has her practice in downtown Heredia. I have been her patient for almost ten years. She is a charming woman and excellent dentist whose English is almost perfect. Since I speak Spanish like a native the language is not a barrier for me. However, many of her American clients speak little or no Spanish so English is a necessity.

One of the advantages to retiring in Costa Rica is the low cost of dental work. For example I broke a crown a few weeks ago and Doctora Brenes replaced it with a new one this morning. The cost of the whole procedure was about $225. I know for a fact that the same procedure runs around $1000 in the United States. No wonder, Costa Rica is becoming a haven for cosmetic dentistry.

Many tourists come to Costa Rica to have their cosmetic dental work done inexpensively. The quality of dental work in Costa Rica is equal to that found in Europe, Canada or the United States. On the average, dental work costs about 25 to 30 percent less than in the United States. Most dentists charge about $40 for an initial exam. The approximate costs of the most common cosmetic procedures are: wisdom tooth surgery $175, single root canal $150, new crown $250 to $500, implants start at around $750, fillings about $30 per tooth, and regular tooth extraction $40. If you have children, orthodontics are very affordable. Check prices with the dentist of your choice, since rates vary.

Costa Rican dentists offer the following services: implants, gum treatment, root canals, whitening, oral surgery, crowns, bridges and nitrous oxide sedation.

Orthodontics for children and adults are available and affordable in Costa Rica. The author’s son had braces. The total cost for a two-year treatment is about $1,500 which can be paid in monthly installments of $50.

Here is what one retired expat remarked about dental costs here. “ Braces for my 10-year-old ran about $1,000 .Other dental prices I’ve encountered to date: Teeth Cleaning – 15,000 colones ($27.27 USD) performed by the actual dentist not the assistant); White Cavity Fillings (composite); 13,000 colones ($23.60 USD) each-including painless local anesthesia where needed; Pre-orthodontics, Complete X-rays, Pictures and Full Dental Molds , 33,000 colones ($60.00 USD).”

Dental Guide to Costa Rican Dentists specializing in dental implants, surgery, bridges, crowns and cosmetic dentistry with patient reviews

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  2. Affordable for the retirees…. .Good job! for directing them to less expensive yet qualitative in nature

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  5. Hi! I wonder if there are orthodontists you could recommend? We come to Costa Rica every year for 5 months. We would need an English speaking Dr.

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