Costa Rica really more affordable for retirement than the U.S.

Yesterday I traveled to the city of San Ramón to visit two friends who are also in the Costa Rica retirement business. The city of San Ramón is located about an hour away by car from San José just off the Pan American Highway. My friends specialize in affordable housing projects for retired Americans and Canadians.

Before we left to view their projects we had a meeting over breakfast. One of the topics was the increased cost of living in Costa Rica. It seems that both the Costa Ricans and retirees have been talking about this subject lately. My two friends spent a lot of time in Miami last year promoting one of there ventures and were quick to point out that the cost of living in the States is much higher than in Costa Rica. I guess while living here one becomes blinded to external factors like the real cost of living in the U.S. and too caught up on what’s going on locally.

My friends are both single and not “high rollers.” They assured me that they were spending a minimum of $5,000 each per month in the U.S. just to get by. They said that in Costa Rica they spend about half that amount. They were also quick to point out that the weekly outdoor farmer’s markets, cheap medical care, low rents, affordable public transportation, the lack of unnecessary material things to waste their money on and a simpler lifestyle all contribute to a lower cost of living here.

Affordable housing is another factor that can help retirees save money in Costa Rica. My friends took to me to see a couple homes retirees were building in the San Ramón area. Both were well-designed, had breath-taking views of the ocean in the distance and with the land included only cost around $175,000. You’d never get anything in the U.S. in such an incredible natural setting for that price. Impossible!

The bottom line is that retired people can find good value, reduce their cost of living and upgrade their lifestyle and quality of life by moving to Costa Rica. Come check it out on one of my monthly relocation/retirement tours!

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