Retirees have some good choices when it comes to buying furniture in Costa Rica

On my monthly relocation/retirement tours I am always asked about what types of furniture and appliances are available in Costa Rica. So during the orientation sessions I provide for my clients I explain the wide range of options when it comes to purchasing furniture here.

The small country town of Sarchi, nestled in the countryside of Costa Rica’s Alajuela province near the neighboring town of Grecia, is the country’s most famous place for hand-made furniture. The town’s excellent products are made with pride and high-quality by its many craftsman. Upon entering Sarchi countless furniture stores begin to emerge along both sides of the road, each offering a variety of items including oxcarts, elaborately painted bowls and trays, natural wood serving utensils, tables, jewelry boxes and carvings. Elegantly-made furniture ranging from rocking chairs, tables, bedroom sets, dressers and chests are also available. Many Costa Ricans and retirees make special trips Sarchí in order to buy home furnishings from the numerous furniture stores located there. These establishments will even deliver the finished furniture to your home of apartment wherever you may reside.

Hand-made rustic-style furniture is another option in Costa Rica. About ten years ago I became very interested in rustic-style Colombian furniture that was being sold in Costa Rica. At that time this type furniture was not being manufactured here and had to be imported from Colombia which made it very expensive. Despite the price I began to fill my home with this kind of furniture. Well, the good news is that Costa Rican furniture makers started to manufacture rustic- furniture a couple of years ago and it is much more affordable than the Colombian version. Recently, I purchased another bed, a hat rack, bar stools and a dinning room set which were all made by local craftsman and the quality is as good if not better than the rustic furniture imported form Colombia. The best part is that it is about thirty-percent cheaper.

In addition, there are dozens of furniture store like Artista and importadora Monge, to name a few, which sell other types of furniture as well as appliances. Retirees can find a good selection of products in anyone of these chain stores as well as smaller furniture shops all over the country.

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