Some truths about Costa Rica for potential retirees

With all of the information on the Internet about retiring in Costa Rica readers can often become confused. One of the biggest myths is that Costa Rica has become too expensive, therefore you can live more affordably in the U.S.

Here are some facts to help you put things in their proper perspective:

(1) Fruits and vegetables are DIRT cheap at Costa Rica’s weekend farmers markets. For example, a bag of Bell Peppers (6 to 8) costs around a dollar. If I am not mistaken one pepper can cost about $2.00 in the U.S. So, you can see the savings here.

(2) Rentals are quite affordable here. A nice apartment, condo or home can be found for well under $1,000

(3) Real estate taxes are .25% of one percent. In the U.S. You would be hard-pressed to find property taxes so low. Most everyone in North America I know pays a few thousand dollars yearly.

(4) Hired help is a also affordable here. A maid, gardener or repairman will cost under $20 per day. People in the States pay their maids around $100 a day.

(5) Medical care is much less expensive. The cost to belong to the country’s public healthcare system is under $50 monthly for 100% coverage with NO deductable. I have private insurance for my family that runs around $2,000 per year with a 20% deductable. I have friends in the States who pay over $1000 per month for a similar policy.

(6) Electric and water bills are cheap in the Central Valley. I just paid my monthly bill which was $56. I had a client on my tour who lives in Texas that pays about $500 monthly for air conditioning in the summer. Heating bills in the winter are also sky high there. You don’t need to heat your home here because of the country’s spring-like climate.

(7) Cell phone bills are the lowest in Latin America. I pay about $25 per month for two lines. I had one AT&T line from the U.S. and paid almost $100 per month.

(8) If you are a single male there are obvious advantages to living in Costa Rica which is a single man’s paradise.

I rest my case!

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