Single male retirees will find Costa Rica a paradise?

Aside for Thailand, Brazil and the Philippines is a single man’s paradise. Older retirees will especially benefit from this perk.

Costa Rica A few days ago I ran into a friend in downtown San José who I hadn’t seen from for quite some time. My friend, Mike, moved to Costa Rica about four years ago after making at least 40 to 50 visits to scout out the terrain.

Mike has an interesting background. He earned a masters degree in Spanish from a major university in the Midwest. He was very lucky in that he studied in Mexico for a couple years when he was an undergraduate and like me developed a deep love for the Latin American culture. Originally he thought he wanted to retire in Mexico or Brazil but after considering all of the factors he chose Costa Rica.

Due to Mike’s language training hit fit into the culture immediately. When I saw him the other day he was as happy as ever. Every time we get together we end up talking about Costa Rica and especially the beautiful and accessible Costa Rican women. Mike was married in the U.S. but things just didn’t work out. He isn’t worried at all about companionship here. He probably has a black book with women’s names as thick as the bible. He has a great personality and treats his female friends very well. He toll me that he spoils all of his lady friends too much but just can’t help it. He realizes that he is living in a single man’s paradise and that his social life would have been miserable if he had chosen to retire in the United States.

Here are some of the reasons he just adores Costa Rican women or ticas.

1. Ticas really know how to take care of a man and are very considerate

2. Costa Rican females are totally unashamed to be sexy, feminine and beautiful.

3. They are not overly demanding and have much more realistic expectations from men.

4. Most women here are drop-dead gorgeous and know how to show off their femininity. They are not embarrassed or ashamed by using their sex appeal and seem to have mastered the art of knowing what turns men on. They know how to “let it all hang out” Costa Rican women just know what to wear. Costa Rican women are more direct in their desire for sexual relations.

5. They don’t play complicated mind games.

6. The women here are amazingly easy to to approach. Most single Ticas will be happy to give you their phone number or E-mail, accept a dinner or coffee date, go for a drink or partake in any other interesting activity.

7. Best of all for single retirees and Baby Boomer men, the women here go for older men. Here is what one expat’s Costa Rican wife said about her relationship in a recent edition of a local English newspaper. “Most of the time when a young woman marries an older man, people think she’s doing it for the money. I like older men. They are experienced; they’ve had a lot of fun in the past, so they start to think, ‘I want to stay now with someone for the rest of my life.’ Plus they have their life set up, so they have time to spend with their woman.”

8. Plus all of the intangibles and perks you’d have to experience to believe.

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9 thoughts on “Single male retirees will find Costa Rica a paradise?”

  1. I’m a 45 yr old man looking to build a future in S America. I’m planing a trip in Jan. or Feb. any feed back would be great. Thanks Patrick

  2. I have been going there for over 12 years, great place, moving there in January. Email me for questions or advice. Thanks steve

  3. Hi ! I am a 50 years old man in Pakistan.. One woman in Tilran, Costa Rica wants to marry with me.. Please guide how can I proceed for that. what are rules and regulations for that… will I have to take visit visa first … after making marry with woman.. how can I be a national in Costa Rica… Regards

  4. what are the requirements to travel by road from the US to Costa Rica any advice or knowledge would be very helpful thank you

  5. Steve Hutton. Did you move to Costa Rica? I didn’t get down yet. Its very hard to find someone who will make the trip with me. Still working on it

  6. to randall britton #4 It use to be a very exciting and pleasant trip by car. First you need visas for all the 6 countries that you need to pass including CR. Border agents will get you with mordidas (bribes) for one thing or another. Once you enter Mexico you will be on your own,if the cops dont get you the bandidos will. You will be lucky if they only wanted your money so you need lots of twenties and hide the rest somewere in your vehicle. At this moment this trip is not a wise idea. Fly and rent a car in CR. Good luck.


  8. Please watch out for the gold diggers. What you didn’t mention is if you get one of those “drop dead gorgeous” ladies pregnant, they can call Immigration and PANI and you’ll never leave the country again without HER permission and pay child support for the next 18 years. Be careful there gentlemen!

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