Halloween Part II in Costa Rica

We are not talking about one of the sequels to the movie but Halloween in Costa Rica.

Last week I jumped the gun and wrote an article about Halloween in Costa Rica. As the the 31st rapidly approaches people are gearing up for the festivities.

In several supermarkets I saw Halloween cupcakes and pastries. Also, the local newspapers have featured several ads for Halloween costumes.

On Sundays I go the Fiesta Casino near the airport to watch NFL Football. The casinos features 15 television screens with different games on each one. While I was there last week I noticed that the bar are was being slowly decorated for their annual Halloween festivities. It is probably the largest party in Costa Rica. The day after there is usually a whole page in one of the local newspapers with photos from the party.

As I pointed out in my last Halloween article, when I first moved to Costa Rica in the early 1980s nobody celebrated Halloween. However, as the number of Americans retirees and others has grown in the country there are more and more Halloween parties every year. I also stated, ” In Costa Rica the 31st October is known better as La Noche de las Brujas (Witches’ Night). Many Catholics here consider Halloween a form of devil worship, so in the past a lot of Costa Ricans didn’t put any importance on this day. However, nowadays many young Costa Ricans are starting to take part in the Halloween festivities. There are usually good parties at a few clubs around San José, Escazú, Santa Ana and Jacó Beach.”

A lot of retirees and other expats here host costume parties around the 31st of October. A couple of years ago I attended a great party in Santa Ana where about 80% of the people were foreigners and the rest were Costa Ricans. It was a blast!

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