Rain, Rain Go Away

October is the worst month for weather in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is known for its good weather, especially in the Central Valley. However, we have about seven rainy month a year. The mornings are usually sunny with a tropical rainstorm in the afternoon and/or night. Traditionally October has been our wettest month. I usually don’t schedule many retirement/relocation tours during October because the inclement weather could spoil one of my client’s vacation. I took a group to Dominical in October about five years ago and it rained almost continuously. Since then I have never taken another group to the beach during October.

This October has been very, very wet. For more than a week it has rained almost non-stop. I don’t mean torrentially but almost a steady drizzle with dark gray skies. It is like we have been living in “Seattle South.” Over the years I have had many clients on my tour from the Pacific Northwest on my relocation/retirement tours and they are always complaining about the climate in that part of the country.

Not only Costa Rica but Mexico and the rest of Central America have been battered by the recent wet spell. There have been a lot of deaths in the poorer and more underdeveloped Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Fortunately, we have only sustained material damage like roads being washed out, few people losing their homes, 462 people are in shelters, another 1.000 have been cut off and a total of 12 roads remain closed or with serious problems. A total of 1.589 kilometers of road, both national and cantonal and five bridges have been affected by the rains.

The good news is that according to the Instituto Meteriologico Nacional (IMN) or the national weather service is the rains should abate and return to normal rainy season conditions: hot and sunny mornings turning to heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

If you decide to live or retire in Costa Rica, October is a good month to go on a vacation to a place where it is dry.

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