Retirees and drugs in Costa Rica

A lot of Baby Boomer retirees experienced the 1960s as teenagers or young adults. Almost everyone who was into the rock music of those days and infatuated by the hippie genre smoked marijuana or experimented with other drugs. Now this group of Baby Boomers is approaching or has reached retirement age. Some have left their pot smoking days behind them while others still take an occasional toke. I have friends in the States who still smoke everyday and lead normal and productive lives. A few smoke grass because it provides some relief from the health problems they experience as they age.

On my monthly relocaiton/retirement tours there is always someone who asks about Costa Rica’s drug laws, specifically marijuana use here. During the last couple of years there have been some busts involving foreigners for growing marijuana. One Canadian was hauled away to jail for attempting to grow hydroponic marijuana in a house he rented. In case you don’t know, hydroponic marijuana is grown in water. You can read more about this practice at:

Recently, the country is becoming more drug friendly because prosecutors cannot handle the workload of individuals stopped with small amounts of drugs. Those caught with a small amount of any drug now have their stash confiscated because mere possession of a small amount of drugs no longer constitutes a felony. Drug sales and distribution will continue to be prosecuted, according to the law.

Readers shouldn’t get the wrong idea from this article. I am not encouraging drug use but only want make potential retirees aware of the country’s current drug laws. I don’t want to anyone get into trouble here.

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