Two good things about Costa Rica

Potential Baby Boomer retirees will be happy to know that the United Nations report on this year’s Human Development ranks Costa Rica in sixth place in Latin America and 69th of the 187 countries surveyed. In Latin America Costa Rica is surpassed in this category only by Chile, Argentina, Barbados, Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico. The country ranks higher than Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador and many other countries in the region.

Low level of deforestation and green house gases, access to drinking water and good air pollution standarts all contributed to the Costa Rica’s high ranking.

In addition, Costa Rica’s longevity rate of 79.3 years leads Latin America in the field of human development. Cuba and Chile are tied for second with a rate of 79.1. Honduras at Nicaragua at 74 years, Guatemala at 71.2 years, Bolivia at 66.6 years and Haiti at 62.1 years are at the bottom of the list.

By the way Japan leads the world list with a longevity rate of 83.4.

Few people know that Costa Ricans who reach 80 years of age have the longest longevity rate in the world after that age. That may explain why there are so many Costa Ricans over one hundred years old. To date nobody has done a study of the longevity rate of foreign retirees here. Nevertheless, I would be willing to bet that most people who retire here live longer than if they had stayed in their own country.

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