An artist spends his retirement, living in a hill top mountain retreat

The other night my girlfriend and I had dinner with Ron Brocca at his beautiful home in Los Angeles de Heredia. The area is absolutely is reminiscent of Switzerland with its many vistas, verdant hillsides and meadows and pine trees.

Ron is an example of a retiree who has made good use of his time while in the country and excelled at his craft. He was born in Italy and eventually emigrated to Canada where he became a successful electrical engineer and architect. However, his real talent was painting. He was blessed with a natural gift for his craft and never received any formal training. Anyone who has seen his incredible paintings in person would find it hard to believe that they were done by a self-taught artist.

When Ron retired a few years back and wanted to relocate to a country with warm weather to pursue his passion as an artist. He narrowed his choices to Costa Rica, Panama and an island in the Caribbean. After visiting these countries he decided on Costa Rica. He liked the fact that Costa Rica had no military and above all the limitless subject matter the country’s natural settings provided for his paintings.

With the help of knowledgeable realtor Ron found a home that met his needs and where he could purse his passion. His house is in an upscale gated community in the mountains about fifteen minutes by car or bus form the city of Heredia. It has four levels and is mainly built of wood. Ron converted the fourth floor loft-like room into his personal studio. It is filled with all of his materials, the tools of his trade and some of his works in different stages of development. Ron’s finished paintings hang from almost every rafter and wall in the home. What really stands out is the level of detail of his work. His skillful technique captures even the most minute details of nature and rivals photography in terms of the clarity of the images.

A sample of Ron’s paintings may be viewed on his website at However, I must add they have to be seen and experienced in person to appreciate their overwhelming beauty and realism.

By the way, Ron has multiple talents one of which is cooking. The night my girlfriend and I visited him he prepared a delicious three-course meal. Like painting Ron’s culinary talent is innate.

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