Extra storage space is now available for retirees in Costa Rica

If you are living in Costa Rica and find that you have accumulated a lot of junk, have to move back to the States temporarily, remodeling your home or simply want to reduce the clutter there is now a solution. There are now several firms that offer different self-storage lockers for your belongings. By the way, minbodegas is the name for storage lockers in Costa Rica.

The first thing you have to do is visit one of these facilities and decide what size locker you need. The company, Minibodegas del este, has a web page with a calculator to help you figure out how much space actually will actually be required for your belongings. Dimensions range from the size of a small closet to a space big enough to store all of your furniture or even a boat or car.

These facilities rent by the month and the size of the unit determines how much you will pay. Prices range from$50 to several hundred dollars per month. However, there are some restrictions. You cannot store firearms, drugs, flammable products or perishable items like foods in a regular locker. Regarding the latter, they do offer refrigerated units.

If you decide to rent a self-storage locker it is recommended that you check your items once a month if possible to make sure they are in good condition. Most companies offer a temperature controlled unit if necessary. You should also store everything in boxes and cover your furniture to protect your articles.

You can feel safe storing your items at one of these facilities because all of them have 24-hour security and are monitored by closed circuit TV.

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  1. Do you have storage spaces in or near San Jose ? How many feet is a $50. storage unit. All I want to store are clothes and some small household items, not furniture.

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