Separating the wheat from the chaff revisited

The decisions you make in Costa Rica can be the difference between success and failure. With the popularity of Costa Rica as an expat retirement haven there has been a proliferation of expat websites with advice about moving here. One of the first things some neophytes do, who have some knowledge of how a website works, is to to build one about living in Costa Rica. Some sites are just simply blogs where newcomers share their experiences. While others are more sophisticated and dole out information about living here. Many of the latter have videos showing people’s experiences when moving to the country in an effort to help others who are lower on the retirement food chain.

Although much of the information is valuable some of it has to be taken with a “grain of salt” because the people who gathered it really have not lived here long enough to understand how the country works nor do they understand the local culture or speak Spanish. Taking their advice can get you into real trouble.

There are a few neophyte websites which tell you how to live cheaply in Costa Rica. Yes, many of these tips can save you money but might also cost you money because the information is incorrect. Usually expats who are really money conscious are those who were never really successful in their home country or knew absolutely nothing about financial planning. Consequently, they are forced to live on a shoestring in Costa Rica.

If they didn’t have the intelligence or know-how to do well in their original country, What makes you think they suddenly became financial geniuses just by moving to Costa Rica? Knowledge is usually based on experience in a particular field and requires a lot of time and effort. Obviously the people behind these websites may have opinions about living here but most are NOT qualified to give good advice.

It is funny how most Americans who move here after one year think they know everything. I have witnessed this situation over and over again. I guess it is called the “the know-it-all syndrome after one year.”

I don’t mean do denigrate anyone but want those thinking of moving here to have the most reliable, correct, time-tested and objective information to ensure their success and reduce the possibility of failure. The bottom line is to look for time-tested experts and information to avoid headaches and not rely on the Internet forums and neophyte websites. If you have a major medical issue I am quite sure you will seek out a doctor with many years of experience in his field. Use the same logic when thinking about living in Costa Rica.

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