Retirees have a new option for purchasing products from the U.S. while in Costa Rica

Correos de Costa Rica just announced that it will now offer the possibility of purchasing products on the Internet at a lower price than similar established companies operating here. Their new website is

Currently Aerocasillas and Jet Box dominate the local market for those who want to purchase items from the States by Internet. Correos de Costa Rica said that although they are a newcomer to this market, there is still ample room for another company to grow.

Aerocasillas was founded in the 1990s and probably has around 50,000 members. I have been using their service since 1997 and have found it to be reliable with excellent customer service. The only drawback is that it can be expensive. However, it is still much cheaper than making a shopping trip to the States each time you need a product from there.

Mauricio Rojas, the marketing manager for Correos de Costa Rica’s new service stated, “The advantage we have is 117 branches throughout the country, so we can deliver near to where a client is located.” According to Rojas once a package arrives in Miami it will only take two days to arrive in San José. Once there, it will be shipped the next morning to any post office in the country.

Rojas also says that, “The new service will be less expensive than Aerocasillas or Jet Box.” For example, on a $300 computer imported form the Sates you will save about $13 through

Like everything else in Costa Rica Rica only time will tell if this new postal service is successful. If it is, retirees and others can save a little money on purchases form the States.

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