A unique Costa Rican treat

I thought I had heard of everything but apparently not. Costa Rica now has ice cream with beer in it. It’s not just any old beer but Costa Rica’s most famous beer, Imperial. Imperial is also known by Costa Ricans as “Aguila” or “Aguilita”, which translates to English which means “eagle” or “Little Eagle” in reference to its logo, which is the Imperial Eagle. If you go into any bar or restaurant where drinks are served and ask for an Imperial by its nickname, “águila”, you will be served an Imperial beer.

Anyway there is now an ice cream shop where you can buy a helado (ice cream) made with Imperial beer. La Gelatería (gelato is ice cream in Italian) is the name of the establishment that serves this unusual concoction. It is located in the Plaza Itscatzu shopping center next to the Marriot Courtyard Hotel on the north side of the Próspero Fernández highway in San Jose’s suburb of Escazú. This unique ice cream is served three ways: in a cup, on a cone in scoops or in a dish. You can also buy a kilo of this delight for around $20.00 to share with your friends or family. A single-scoop cone costs $2.20 and $3.00 for a three-scoop cone. The owner said that he got the idea for this creation because he wanted something novel to cater to an older nighttime crowd that frequents the restaurants and nightspots nearby.

The owner of the heladería is from Italy and learned his trade when he was 15 years old from his father. In addition he makes another alcohol based ice cream using Bailey’s. In case you don’t know the latter is an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur that comes in a variety of flavors. I have also been told that there is another restaurant in the area that serves ice cream made of dark beer and red wine.

The purpose of this article is to share with my readers some of the varieties of cuisine and dishes found in Costa Rica. Over the years the number of restaurants where you can savor a wide variety of local and international cuisine including some unusual dishes like the ones I describe above has grown considerably . Retirees or anyone who relocates here can have new and interesting experiences trying all of the great food options we now have.

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