Medical tourism continues to grow in Costa Rica

Seven out of 10 private clinics in San Jose provided services to medical tourists last year, and in Guanacaste, 4 out of 10 clinics attended such clients. San Jose registered 1,223 businesses connected with the medical tourism industry, with an average of 38 procedures annually per center.

In Guanacaste, the total amount of clinics providing services to medical tourists was registered at 109, each attending to an average of 16.3 medical tourists annually.

This means that Costa Rica received 48,253 medical tourists in 2011. The average amount spent per medical tourist was $7,000, meaning that the industry produced approximately $337.7 million dollars in revenue.

The group, International Promotion for Costa Rican Medicine (PROMED) supplied the figures. In 2010, PROMED reported 36,000 medical tourists, (a 20% increase over 2009), which generated approximately $252 million dollars.

PROMED said that 42% of the procedures are related to dental work, whereas 22% are surgery-related (orthopedics, general surgery and gynecology, amongst others), 16% is preventive medicine, 10% plastic surgery and the remaining 10% is comprised of over specialities.

Through various interviews carried out with medical tourists who received care at Clinica Biblica, Colina Dental Clinic and Las Cumbres Inn Recovery Center, PROMED said that the majority of medical tourists came to Costa Rica as a result of information found on the Internet.

November 19th, 2012 (

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  1. hello and thx for the article.. Where did you get your sources for the 2011 Costa Rican medical tourist #’s?

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