Thanksgiving is really thankful in land of pura vida

Today is Thanksgiving, and expats here have special reasons to be grateful. Here are some to consider on this day:

  • Hurricanes do not make landfall in Costa Rica
  • No shoveling the driveway or scraping ice off the windshield.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are around all year long.
  • Medical services are reasonable.
  • We do not get upset when the fast food clerk speaks Spanish.
  • Public transport is cheap and all over.
  • Gorgeous Women
  • Iced guaro is as good as Stolichnaya.
  • Talk about good coffee!
  • There always is a beach nearby.
  • How about a pair of hand-made boots?
  • Ropa Americana.
  • Symphony seats in the Teatro Nacional butaca for a few dollars.
  • $2.50-an-hour maid service.
  • A garden full of fresh flowers.
  • Easy air access to the Great White North.
  • Did someone say shrimp?
  • Whales and dolphin and other creatures.
  • Even in the rainy season the mornings are sunny.
  • Umbrellas are cheap from the vendors downtown.
  • Where else do you get gallo pinto or chicharones and that fried yucca a la Tico?
  • Those beautiful volcanos and rainforests along with thousands of birds?
  • Sarchi hardwood furniture.
  • Legal gambling.
  • La Pops ice cream.
  • $200-a-year optional car insurance.
  • And most of all the generally sympathetic, friendly Costa Rican people.

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

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