Hamburger Wars in Costa Rica

New Restaurant ChainsRetirees will be pleased to know that there is a wide selection of hamburger restaurants from which to choose in Costa Rica. We now have almost every U.S. Hamburger chain plus some local brands which are exceptionally good.

McDonald’s was the pioneer in the fast-food hamburger industry in Costa Rica. In 1970 they opened their fist restaurant in downtown San José across the street from the Central Bank. Today the company has 50 locations, and is found in places as far away as San Isidro de General in southern Costa Rica. The chain has almost 1500 employees and sells around 30 million orders a year.

Burger King arrived in 1990 and now has 31 restaurants. The chain has plans to expand to San Carlos, Limón and Nicoya.

Wendy’s is the second newest chain with 13 locations and growing.

Carl’s Junior is the “new hamburger chain on the block” with six outlets and expanding rapidly.

Smashburger, another new player, opened its first restaurant at the new Plaza Lincoln in Moravia. The chain was born to carry the torch for the modern burger lover. Where smash. Sizzle and savor means a dedication to creating the best-tasting “smashed-to-order” burger. They start with 100% Angus Beef, smashed, seared and seasoned on the grill, placed on a butter-toasted bun and topped with the highest-quality cheeses, freshest produce and condiments.

Local hamburger restaurants include small chains like a selection of the Hamburger Factory with six locations. Denny’s, Applebees and Tony Roma’s also have hamburgers on their menus.

The Hamburguesería in Plaza Tempo specializes in gourmet hamburgers. Clients can create their own hamburgers at this establishment by adding such ingredients as mushroom sauce, dehydrated tomatoes and brie cheese. They offer eight types of cheeses, 15 sauces 15 garnishings and two types of bread from which to choose.

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