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baby boomersI just finished a private two-day Central Valley tour for a professional couple from Pennsylvania. The husband is a prominent business writer and his wife is a clinical psychologist. What I do is customized version of my monthly Central Valley Tour, the only difference being that there is no ARCR seminar. However, I do give my clients materials from the seminar and a list of indispensable contacts. My private tour concentrates on tour the best areas to live, infrastructure, a sampling of living situations, local cuisine and a general introduction to the lifestyle.

At the conclusion of this month’s private tour my guests remarked that it was everything they expected and more.

One thing I have observed is that the people who take my tours seem to be better educated and better off economically than those who take a couple of copy-cat tours that have sprung up the last few years. One tour boasts of having the highest relocation rate. I don’t believe said claim but it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people who take that tour did move here because they have been adversely impacted by the economic downturn in the States and the fact that they don’t have a large retirement income and need to live in a more affordable place.

Anyway, my one-of-a-kind tailor made tour was created to meet the specific needs of individuals, couples, small groups and especially for those who cannot come for regular fixed-date tours or who have special issues they can’t share with large groups. This custom tour leaves NO stone unturned and is packed with insider information and useful contacts that ONLY I can provide after having lived in Costa Rica for almost 32 years.

This is what you get from my private tour:
* Tours are endorsed and recommended by the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR)
* Customizing the tour to fit your specific needs
* A valuable packet of written materials with insider information
* Private Phone Consult with Christopher Howard prior to your arrival to talk about your personal needs and concerns.
* A generous discount for your hotel that includes a delicious buffet breakfast
* Lunch
* Rental Properties to be viewed (when available)
* Comfortable Air conditioned mini bus
* Private driver and bus so that Christopher can devote 100% of his attention to giving you the best possible tour and you specific needs
* A follow up phone consultation, if needed.
* Led and conducted by Christopher Howard a 32 year resident and citizen of Costa Rica and Costa Rica’s most read author and expert on retirement and living in Costa Rica.
* This is the ONLY private retirement tour that was fully licensed and APPROVED by the Costa Rica Government and Tourism Institute (ICT) in 2004.

Prior to the tour participants will also received an added bonus: A FREE copy of the 16th edition of my best selling guidebook, ”Christopher Howard’s New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica”.

At the conclusion of the tour they also receive FREE eBook copies of Christopher Howard’s other one-of-a-kind bestsellers “Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish,” “The Official Guide to Real Estate In Costa Rica” and “The Official Guide to Costa Rica’s Legal System for Tontos (dumbbells).” Almost 2000 pages of INVALUABLE insider information for FREE!

If you enjoy my blog, please share it with your friends. I hope to see you on one of my tours!
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