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I just released a 3-minute video made up of scenes from my monthly Central Valley and Pacific beach tours.

Viewers will get a brief sample of what my guests see and do on the tours. The soundtrack is a song appropriately called “Costa Rica” by Jakob Dylan. If his last name sounds familiar it is because he is the son of the legendary Bob Dylan.

I have included the lyrics below because they are so fitting for anyone who has come here, fallen in love with this beautiful little country and wanted to stay forever. I suggest you watch the video first and then read the lyrics.

costarica_collageCosta Rica

Lay your worries
Down at your door
Now my loves
Like an open shore
Throw your suitcase
Sweetheart overboard

Now tired eyes
In winter clothes
You ain’t got nothing
You can’t let go
Now tell your mother
You love her
She already knows

Now Costa Rica
We got nothing to do
When the nights
Hang dark
And the sun
Won’t burn
You may or may not
Ever return
Going under with you

Now thumb nail moon
Hanging high
So quiet up
There shining bright
Now dance a little
And share
This bottle of wine
No more ups
No more downs
Now love of someday
Has just come around
Watching the clouds
Flowing by while

Our skins
Turning brown

Now Costa Rica
We got
Nothing to do
When the nights
Hang dark
And the sun
Won’t burn
We may or may not
Ever return
Going under
With you

Now every moments
Been leading to this
We’re going somewhere
We won’t be missed
Now roll us
Under the waves
With one last kiss

Now when the nights
Hang dark
And the sun
Don’t burn
We May or may
Not ever return
Costa Rica
With you, with you
May not we may not
Ever return
May not we may not
Ever return
May not we may not
Ever return
May not we may
Not ever return

Thanks to the invaluable help of of my videographer, Solson Scherman (

If you enjoy my blog, please share it with your friends. I hope to see you on one of my tours!
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3 thoughts on “New Video by Christopher Howard”

  1. Hi Christopher! Just want to say that I’ve grown completely attached to your blog. I am 27 years old, (so not of retirement age). I first visited Costa Rica when I was 25. I’m coming back to visit at the end of November, (we’re staying in Tamarindo). I was really heartbroken to leave Costa Rica a couple years ago, and still have heartache when I think about it, and that I’m so far away from it. Your blog gives me little bits and pieces of the country each week that soothe my Costa-Rica-loving-soul. I plan on printing out all your blog postings that I’ve saved since last year and re-reading them on the flight down to CR in November. Thanks for creating such fantastic resources for people wanting to relocate and people who just love Costa Rica, (like me!) Pura Vida! -makenna

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