Foreign retirees living in Costa Rica should make it a point to visit two unique restaurants that have museums

In the area of Los Santos there is a restaurant that resembles a time machine. Rancho San Francisco’s is a chicharronera or restaurant that specializes in chicharrones or fired pork rinds. However, many people visit the restaurant to few all of the artifacts that the owner, Wilvin Porras, has collected over the years. There are so many of these items that entering the premises is like taking trip into the past.

Don Wilvin claims to have over 4,000 relics in his unique museum. He has old Brownie cameras from the 1950s, a movie projector made in 1815, rifles form the war against the filibusters in the mid 19th century, a collection of old musica instruments, radios from the 1940s and a whole lot more to see.

This famous restaurant is located 150 meters east of the church in San Pablo de León Cortés in the zone de los Santos.which is a famous coffee region located in the province of San José,


Añoranzas is another restaurant and museum that is a must stop. Añoranzas means nostalgia in Spanish and once you enter the restaurant you will realize that the name is very fitting. Its doors opened on June 17th 1992 as a result of a dream to offer typical Costa Rican cuisine, how grandma used to make it. If you enjoy good Costa Rican food then this is the place to go. The weather is mostly chilly so best to bring a jacket with you. On a clear night the views of the Central Valley are spectacular.There is a outdoor area for the kids and you can also enjoy a walk to the surrounding woods, before or after your meal.

The rustic restaurant also boasts a museum which is a passion of the owners. The place is full of old newspapers, calendars, old photos, typewriters, old record players and other relics which will evoke memories of days of old.

Añoranzas is locates 4 kilometers from the Church of San Rafael de Heredia on road to El Castillo Country Club in San Rafael, Heredia, Costa Rica. Tel: 2267-7406. Website:

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