Retirees should visit Barrio Escalante for dinning options

Barrio Escalante, between downtown San José and San Pedro, seems like a quiet residential neighborhood at first glance. Actually, this trendy area is replete with a wide variety of restaurants offering food from around the world. One of the advantages that Barrio Escalante has is that at almost any time of day you can find a dinning option. In all there are about 25 restaurants from which to choose.

25/2/14. Restaurantes en Barrio Escalante. Parrillada El churrasco foto: Eyleen Vargas.
25/2/14. Restaurantes en Barrio Escalante.
Parrillada El churrasco
foto: Eyleen Vargas.

One of the first restaurants you will encounter on neighborhood’s main drag or Calle 33, is Sofia Mediterráneo (Tel: 2224-5050) which features an ever-changing fusion of Turkish, European, Mediterranean, Asian and African dishes.

Olio (2281-0541) is about a block north of Sofía Mediterráneo and one of the best restaurants in this part of town and is hugely popular. It has a lively, fun atmosphere ambiance that leaves you with a feeling of being in Madrid. Their menu offers a huge selection of all your favorites: tasty tapas, salads, fresh fish, humus, soups, full entrees and much more. The service is high quality and the menu is very reasonably priced.

Manos en la masa (Tel: 8892-9587), which literally means your hands are in dough but figuratively means “to get caught red-handed,” is a bakery, café and restaurant that serves dishes for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

Ravi Gastropub Tel: 2253-3771 has a warm, friendly ambience where you can dine with friends and family. This establishment features healthy vegetarian, vegan dishes and also includes pizza, a whole slew of entrées and salads .

Al Mercat Tel: 2221– 9145 offers traditional Costa Rican food with a modern touch.

Bon appétit or buen provecho as we say in Costa Rica.

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