More and More Boomers Move to Costa Rica and Other Countries to Live More Affordably

Many baby boomers are finding they can live on less and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. In fact, some boomers are even retiring early.

How can they manage to do it? By relocating outside of the United States, where the cost of living is lower, health care is less expensive and obtainable, and the year-round weather is good. In some areas of Latin America, especially Costa Rica, this is easily doable.


One of the prime reasons for living or retiring abroad are lower health care costs. Costa Rica has a long history of dealing with expats health care needs. The country’s doctors are excellent and the country is a mecca for tourists who seek cosmetic dental procedures, joint replacement and plastic surgery. Both the public and private health care systems are accessible and excellent. Costa Ricans have one of the highest longevity rates in the world which says a lot about the quality of health care here.

The country has long been a favorite of American retirees because of its friendly people who welcome newcomers with open arms into the country. As one of the clients on my monthly relocation/retirement tours stated, “Costa Rica is a very user friendly country for Americans. Expats feel right at home here.”

Although many have never considered living or retiring outside of the U.S., the move may be a solution for those with limited means who are struggling to make ends meet. If fantastic weather, a great lifestyle and an early retirement sound appealing, you might want to research the ex-pat lifestyle in Costa Rica. After all, over a 40,00 expat retirees who live here cannot be wrong.

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