Costa Rica can be heaven of hell for retirees

The vast majority of expats who move here find happiness and live their Costa Rican retirement dream. This is because they take advantage of all that the country has to offer: the great wether in the Central Valley, fantastic outdoor adventure, excellent medical services, low cost telephone and Internet, affordable hired help, inexpensive fruits and vegetables and almost every imaginable activity to stay busy and happy. This group of people is part of the many success stories your hear about.


On the other hand, there are some people who never adapt or take advantage of the wonderful things that are available for foreign retirees in this country. Many in this category end up becoming very unhappy here and decide to return home without giving the country a real chance.

Here are some of the reasons people have bad experiences here:

  1. They never make an effort to learn the Spanish language.
  2. They do not mix with the locals.
  3. They fail to pay attention to time-tested advice from others who have successfully moved here and adapted to the country.
  4. The feel frustrated because things do not work like the do in their home country.
  5. They do not know the labor laws and get into legal trouble with their domestic help.
  6. They are too trusting and do not research anything.
  7. They have unrealistic expectations when they moved here.
  8. They think that just by moving here all of the personal problems they brought with them will miraculously disappear.
  9. They believe that they can change deeply engrained customs and the local culture.
  10. They were too trusting and placed themselves in the hands of people without scruples.
  11. They do not have the patience to go with the flow of things here end up going against the grain.
  12. The do not stay occupied with constructive activities and get bored to death.
  13. They resort to drinking alcohol to solve their problems.
  14. Single men who get involved with much younger women usually regret it in the long run and some “get taken to the cleaners.”
  15. Many mistakenly think that the woman are with them because of there good looks.
  16. They try to take shorts which usually backfire.

I am sure that there are many more examples of why some retirees are miserable here and make hell out of heaven.

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One thought on “Costa Rica can be heaven of hell for retirees”

  1. The Lake Arenal area might be a good location for retirees where you can spend your life. weather is very nice and cooler at Costa Rica, with lots of refreshing rain (sometimes a lot of rain).

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