Few foreign retirees know what burucha is

Last year I wrote a similar article on this subject and feel compelled to share more information with the readers of my blogs

Burucha is the shavings that you get when planning the wood that comes from the poró tree. The scientific name for the tree is eserythrina berteroana. It can be found in many of Costa Rica’s dry forests, can reach a height of around 30 feet, and is surprisingly very soft. At times it is filled with reddish and orange knife shaped-petals.

Burucha shavings form the tree’s trunk are used to make different Christmas figures like reindeer, houses for nativity scenes (pasitos or portales), snow men, rabbits, bears, penguins and any other figure that a client requests.


A huge selection of the figures can be found at the road-side shop in Pilas de Naranjo on the way to the city of San Ramón. There is a huge 20-foot high reindeer on the side of the road to attract potential buyers, so it almost impossible to miss the place.

Craftsmen start to build the Christmas figures in md-October. To make one of these figures they begin with a wooden frame or skeleton.Then body is filled with burchaca using a type of string to hold it together and then it is shaped. Finally the eyes, noses, antlers and other accessories are added to the figures.

The cost of the figures depends on its size and shape. An snowman runs between $8 and $20 dollars.

I always stop to check out the wide assortment of interesting figures with my clients while on my November and December retirement tours.

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