Don’t think that living in Costa Rica is just for retirees

Anyone who thinks that living in Costa Rica is synonymous with retirement is clearly missing the point.

Yes, there are many foreigners of retirement age living here because the country is and has always been one of Latin America’s prime retirement havens for a variety of well-known reasons. Furthermore, Costa Rica allows retirees to live with dignity and have a lifestyle they would never be able to afford back home.

In Costa Rica you can reduce your month to month living expenses and live very well.
In Costa Rica you can reduce your month to month living expenses and live very well.

There are also thousands of younger expats living here who are taking advantage of the lifestyle and opportunities this wonderful country has to offer. Some of these non-retirees are would-be entrepreneurs, those fed up with the politics of the US, those seeking to live in a peaceful country without an army or terrorism, digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world, adventurers and explorers, those wanting to reinvent themselves or looking for a fresh start, parents seeking to raise their children in a healthier environment, even the wealthy wanting to move their assets offshore or anyone just looking for an exciting life away from the rat race in North America. Costa Rica is full opportunities for living a rich, full, and adventure-filled life. As one American stated, “Costa Rica has everything for someone and something for everyone.

There are many opportunities here for creative people looking for ways to create an income:

  • Two young entrepreneurs form Virginia started a travel business on a shoe string from their small apartment a couple of years ago and now have thriving business with twenty employees.
  • Another Canadian I know started a lucrative limousine service and caters to high-end foreigners.
  • An enterprising your American founded an on-line newspaper in English which is doing very well.
  • Joe, from NewYork, started a used American clothing business and now has six stores.
  • Two Israelis founded a chain of Mexican taco restaurants.
  • A young Californian opened a real estate office Jacó beach and is making a good living.

The list goes on and on and on.

Don’t get me wrong one has to adjust to living abroad which shouldn’t be a problem since Costa Rica is a user-friendly country for North Americans.

Also, if you plan to go into any type of business it is best do do a feasibility study to see if your idea is practical and stands a chance of working here.

The bottom line is that Costa Rica is not just for those foreigners of retirement age. Younger expats do very well here, too.

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