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I just read about the 10 most dangerous vacation destinations in the world on Yahoo News. Among them are Somalia, The Democratic Congo Republic, Colombia and Mexico. It is not surprising that many of these places made the list.

Potential expats should be aware that Mexico is a favorite for many travelers because of its beaches, cuisine, and many resorts. Nevertheless it is is one of the most treacherous vacation spots for travelers. With rising drug cartels and violence the country is increasingly becoming dangerous for locals, tourists and retirees alike.

Supposedly the country has about a million residents from the United States and is considered a retirement haven. Well, given the facts above everything may change and Costa Rica will become the most viable alternative for retirement living south of the border.


Costa Rica does have some crime but it is minuscule when compared with the amount of violence in Mexico. It is only matter of time before foreign retirees in Mexico are affected by this burgeoning problem.

In general the cost of living is about twenty-percent higher in Costa Rica than Mexico according to my research. But when it comes to personal safety no price is too high to pay.

Political stability, good weather, affordable medical care, excellent public transportation, friendly people, user-friendliness for Americans, safety and an impeccable international image all combine to make Costa Rica Latin America’s premier retirement and investment haven.

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