It may be easier for Retirees to get around the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) in the not too distant future

In June the Costa Rican government announced that it expected to have an electric light rail train operating by 2020. Despite improvements in infrastructure and a continuous effort to reduce automobile traffic, congestion is getting progressively worse. Measures such as license plate restrictions and staggered work schedules have done very little to alleviated the problem.

Eventually the train line will be 48 kilometers (32 miles) in length and run from Juan Santa María International Airport in Alajuela to Paraíso de Cartago passing through Heredia and San José. Bus and taxi stops will be located at different points along the line so that all transportation services can be integrated. The rail line will have many overpasses (paso a desnivel) and viaducts to reduce travel time and the possibility of collisions with vehicles.


To finance the project the government will need $1.2 million dollars. It will receive a loan for $400 million dollars with the rest coming from private financing. A feasibility study is expected to be finished by 2017.

It was recently reported that many bus companies oppose the construction of the new rail line because they fear a drop in ridership and revenues. At this point they really have no other choice but to go along with the new project in order to reduce traffic jams that have plagued the Metropolitan Area.

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