Actually the Kardashian’s visit to Costa Rica is good for the Country

As the saying goes any publicity, good or bad, is good. That is actually holds true for Costa Rica.

Over the years many of the rich and famous have discovered Costa Rica which has enhanced the country’s reputation. Among those who have come to Costa Rica are: Bill Gates, football star Tom Broadband his model wife, Mel Gibson, Pink, Madonna, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Mathew McCaughey, Liam Hemsworth, Shaquille O’Neil to name just a few. Now we have been invaded by the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Us Weekly

When I heard that they were coming I almost vomited. After all they are really famous for nothing, have really brought entertainment to a low level but have managed to make millions with their inane reality show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is constantly surrounded by controversy, some hate them, but apparently there are more lovers than haters considering the amount of followers each of the sisters collects in social media and the number of seasons their show has, not considering, clothing line, make-up line, etc.

Actually their presence is a huge plus for the country, looking it from a positive point of view: the country is getting free publicity from international media; their presence in the country is good for the tourism industry. Their trip has been getting constant coverage by different entertainment and news publications, and since they are actually filming here for their show this should go a long way.

The small hotel where they stayed is costs a whopping $23,000 per night during the high season.

Readers will notice that because of Costa Rica’s stellar international reputation the clan did not chose to film their show in Mexico, Nicaragua , Colombia or Ecuador. Why? Because Costa Rica stands out from the other countries in the region. Not only that, it offers more for tourists with all budgets and those who want to relocate or retire.

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